“There are bigger and better things coming your way”

That’s what everyone told me when I didn’t get a job, or when I gave my rate and the client went the other way, or whenever my art wasn’t picked for online submissions. I don’t take rejection personally, but I am tired of waiting for this better opportunity everyone is talking about. I’m tired of looking at my Instagram and seeing my meaningful work carelessly thrown there with captions that don’t tell you what I mean. I’m tired of followers and the names of parents trumping all. I’m no longer impatiently awaiting this opportunity, I’m making it. I’m making it for all the people who don’t know what to do, who are waiting. I’m making it for the people who go unheard or unremarked on for all the wrong reasons. This is the newsletter for the artists that are hidden in plain sight and the people who just can’t wait to meet them.